About this weird blog…

Hi, I’m Taylor Joy.  I’m a wife to a Genius, and mother of four awesome kiddos. I’m the estranged daughter of a (likely) Narcissistic/Borderline Couple.  However, I’m endeavoring to walk with Christ on a daily basis, and find a new family in Him.

In my journey, I inadvertently adopted the lifestyle of the heretical Christian Patriarchy Movement.  I’m documenting my recovery from its effects.  Since I have ADHD, complex PTSD, and a lifelong struggle with internet and video game addiction, it can be a bit complicated.  However, I want to get better.  I want to get well.  I want to have a new family in Christ, and in recovery.  I want people around me that I can trust.  I think the truth is that, thanks to my background, I don’t trust anyone.  I want that to change.


11 thoughts on “About this weird blog…

    • Cindy, I agree with Taylor Joy. Your blog has helped a whole bunch of people. Only in Heaven will you discover the full impact of what you have written. 🙂 That goes for both of you. Taylor Joy, you’ve made a great beginning here and I look forward to more.

  1. Taylor…know you as TTGB at Bpdfamily over the years…you made me laugh out loud with your comments in such a good way in this blog…I grew up Presby with abusive mother/narc father…then married became Evang (cap E of course) in a very cultish large church…as marriage worsened, escaped to Roman Catholicism (still love it, love the Mass, think this new Pope is such a wonderful humble man) but haven’t been to church in years now – grown cold on the thought of a Loving Father God in any way.

    You are such a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for attempting to tilt things towards honest, compassionate thoughts and encouragement.

    big hugs and have a restful weekend – waiting to hear about the baby!

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